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Zlutice     Zlutice   Luditz
Jewish people came here probably in the 19th century. The synagogue was built i 1883 but in the second half of the 20th century rebuilded into the townhouse.

Zlutice has extraordinary deep history. The celebration of thousand years were kept here in 1973. The village was firstly mentioned on the list of Czech bishopric in 973. The town was church property and was sold in 1186 to lord Bedrich. The town was promoted in 1214 but the surrounding wall were built later in the 13th century when the administrators was the family of Ryzmberk. The town got its town privillagies in 1375 as well as Cheb. The town recieved its coat-of-arms too. During the Hussism the town was badly damaged and after the battle by Tachov in 1427 it became a seat of the Hussist army leader Jakoubek of Vresovice and his family settled here too. During this period the estate was growing and developing and recieved other important privillages, but in 1537 was sold and many owner changed here since then. At the end of the 16th century the family of Kokorov was in charge of the town until 1850 when the last member of this family died.
The town was probably bilingual since it was established.But after the Hussism the offical languague was Czech. It last until 1673 when German became the offical languague in the whole Pilsen region.
The town square kept its original shape with surrounding roads. The original town castle disapeared with time only a few fragments survived.
There are some beautiful townhouses around the square. The townhall is in one of them and was founded in 1537. The local museum is next to the townhall and the information center is also on the square.
The most valuable building is the St. Peter and Paul´s church. This gothic building from the period of the king John of Luxemburg has irregural shape which was caused by many rebuildings. The original painting were found on the walls and there is also an interesting inventory from Baroque. 
The town is famous for its manuscript called Zluticky with renesance paintings made by Jan Taborsky from Klokotska hora in 1558-1565. The copy is displayed in the local museum.

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