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Rokycany     Rokycany
The Jewish settlement is proved since 1589. 
The Jewish cemetery was founded in the 19th century and it is situated on the edge of the town, behind the hospital. That is why there are only new tombstones and the whole area is not used. The ceremonial house with the hall was recently reconstructed and it is used for private purposes.
The Jewish community disapeared at the begining of the war in 1940. The original house with a praying hall build in 1871 did not survive. It was pulled down in 1981.
The village itself belonged to the church property since its beginning - since 1100 it was a property of Prague bishopric. In 1362 the archbishop Arnost from Pardubice established the Augustians cloister here and part of the estate belonged to this cloister. 
Because the town was the churches property it caused a lot of problems - during the Hussism the citizens fought against their lords.
During the rule of the king Rudolph II. the town finally became an independent royal town (in 1584). Rokycany was in the servitude since 1399.
But the separation from the churches did not solve all problems, which appeared mainly during the thirty years war. It was damaged several times by Swedish soldiers and later by French army and by Prussian army too. When this war danger finished the reconstructed town twice burned.(1575 and 1784). Last big disaster came in 1866 when Prussian army destroyed the town again.
Because of the damages in the history of the town we can not find many historical buildings here. The St.Virgin Maria of Snow church was built as a gothic church in the 14th century but later after the great fire was rebuilded by Ignac Palliardi in 1784. Most of the interior equipment was brought from the St. Michael´s church in Old Town in Prague. The exception is a gothic painting - Taking from the Cross (1500).
The cemetery church of the Supreme trinity was built in 1609 as a Protestant church. 
It was rebuilded at the end of the 18th century. There are some interesting tombstones made of cast iron.
The wall around the town were build already in the 14th century. Later were reconstructed for several times unfortunately only some parts of the surrounding wall stayed preserved.
The townhall was built after the great fire in 1784 by Ignac Palliardi. It was rebuilded in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is a two floors building with emphasized front part and a tower.
There is a memorial board placed on the front part remainding of the native man:
Jan Rokycan (before 1397 - 1471) who was born in a poor cottage in the suburb of the town.
He became a preacher in the St. Virgin Maria of Tyn´s church in Prague. Later he was one of the most important representative of the Chalice church and he attended the church consul in Basilej. He was the head of the Lower part of the Chalice church and cooperated with the king Jiri of Podebrady. You can find an interesting painting by Alfons Mucha showing Jan of Rokycany on the consul in Basilej. There is a monumental column called the Maria´s column in front of the town hall on the square. There are statues of Maria and other nine saints placed on the column. Afterall of the disasters you can still see several interesting town houses. Most of them were built in Baroque but some were built in Renesance.
The most interesting one is probably the dean´s office which was buildt in the 18th century by caneval and after the great fire reconstructed. The meat market was built in the 19th century and it is not far from the dean´s office. You should also visit the local museum.
Among the important natives belong:
Antonin Kraft (1752-1820) who was a famous Czech composer and cello and viollin player. He was born here and studied music in Prague and Viena (his teacher was Haydn). He worked in the castle orchestras and toured too. His son Nicolas was an excellent musician too.

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