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Radnice     Radnice  region of Rokycany
Most of the part of the Jewish ghetto stayed preseved with its original houses. It is an unique example of the settlement, the Baroque synagogue is situated in the middle. It was build in 1781 during the period of reformations of the emperor Joseph II., which ment several privilegies for the Jews (including the construction of synagogues).There is a preserved women gallery in this synagogue. The building was saved at the last moment because from 1945-1992 was used as a car repair service.
The synagogue is associated with one important man:
The rabbi Isak Mayer Weis- Wise (1819 in Lomnicka -1900 in Cincinnati), who lived here from 1843 to 1846 and later became a founder of reformed Judaism in America. He established the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati which is nowadays the most important Jewish collage in America.
The begining of the Jewish settlement are dated at the begining of the 16th century, probably because many Jews left Pilsen in 1504. The community was canceled in 1935.
The Czech group of ecological movement in Radnice supports the reconstruction and proper use of the synagogue. The openning is going to be in 2001. This group is also preparing a touristic route and one part is going to be a visit of the Jewish cemetery with tombstones from the 18th century.

The village Radnice was founded in 1336 as a part of Zbiroh estate. The village recieved other privillegies and in 1570 was promoted to the town. There is a five leaves rose in the coat-of-arms. It is a mention of the nobel family of Rozmbergs. The town changer several owners.
Since 1758 the estate became a property of Sterberks.
Antonin Puchmajer - a priest and nacionalist lived here in this period and established the first Readers group in Bohemia in 1818. His memorial board was placed on the rectory since 1868 by Fr. Palacky and the count of Sternberk.
The castle used to be a museum of Antonin Puchmajer but due to its devastation is closed.
It is a large baroque building by Jacob Auguston who also reconstructed the St.Wenceslav church on the square.
The pilgrimage church situated on the hill was built by Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer in the 18th century. Nowadays it is under reconstruction, the crossing routes and chapel have been reconstructed.
Gabriela Roubalova (1843-1922) was a native woman of this town. This famous singer travelled around World and died in Melbourn. 
Josef Korensky was a writer and traveller who used to work as a teacher in Radnice in 1867. He was interested in the local nature. He left in 1871.
The ecological trip called "The way through the Libstejn wood" takes place every year here, the 3rd Saturday in May.

Photo - Isak Mayer Weis-Wise
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