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Prestice     Prestice
The Jewish community was established at the end of the 19th century. The Jews did not live in the ghettos and they were different only by the religion which symbol was the synagogue.Unfortunately the synagogue did not remained here, because it was pulled down in 1974. The Jewish cemetery was founded on the edge of the village towards Vodokrty.
During the communism it was improperly used by the hunting associaty. The cemetery and the surrounding wall have been reconstructed recently.The ceremonial house is used by the keeper. In 1934 Leopold Singer, who was a legend in this town was buried here. He was a rabbi who worked in Prestice for 41 years. The cemetery is rising up because of the help of several volluntaries and they will probably save more tombstones. You can see some interesting Czech inscriptions on the preserved tombstones.
Georg Leopold Weisel (1804-1873) was a writer, collector and publisher of the Jewish old tales. He was born in Prestice and belong to the Jewish community here.

The history of this town is very old. The king Wenceslav I. gave this village as a present to his sister Ann of Czech and she commited it to the Kladruby cloister. During the Hussism it belonged to the private property and later on it was bought by the Kladruby cloister again. The village was privillaged as a town in the half of the 16th century. 
When the cloister was closed down the town was sold to the family of Schönborn.
A big part of the town was several times damaged by fire, but the historical center survived.
The old church was built already in the 13th century on the hill above the river Uhlava and the setlement was built around it. It probably used to be a part of the fortress, which disapeared in the first half of the18th century, when the new church was built. Its construction was supported by the Kladruby cloister. The St. Ascension of Maria´s cathedral was built from 1748 until 1775. It is a monumental building which you can see from very far distance.
The architect were Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer, Anselmo Lurago and Antonin Haffenecker. 
This cathedral is a master piece of the Baroque. 
Just below this beautifuly reconstructed building you can find the regional museum - The house of Prestice region history, which has been opened recently. The citizens of Prestice brough so many gifts that it would be enough for four museums.
There are many natives of this town. The most known is Josef Hlavka (1831-1908) who was an architect and patron of the town, he also founded the Czech academy of science. His memorial board is placed on his native house.
Jaroslav Preiss (1870-1946) was another native man. He was an excellent businessman of the first Czech republice and also a contributor of Alois Rasin - the Minister of finance. They prepared a currency separation from Austria when the first Czech republic was established.

Jakub Jan Ryba (1765-1815) was also born in Prestice. He started to work as a teacher and a regent. He became a famous composer and his Czech Mass of Christmas has become the traditional part of Christmas.

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