Jewish Route in the Pilsen Region
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Merklin     Merklin   the vilage of Prestice - Ptetin
The Jewish settlement is proved before 1685. The synagogue is situated behind the bridge over the brook and in was rebuilded. There was a private Jewish school in the village. The Jewish community dissapeared in 1890 and the rest of Jews died during the holocaust. Only one woman came back. It is quite difficult to find the Jewish cemetery here, but we recomend to visit it. It is situated far away from the village, behind the brook turn towards the village called Ptetin and go along the path through the wood and at the same edge you can see first tombstones. There are remains of the surrounding wall. This is a valuable example of a wood cemetery from the 18th century eventhough it was partly damaged.
The roots of the town is proved by the name of the first nobel family of Merklins, who had their fortress in the 14th century here. They sold it in 1496. This family belongs to the longest heritage family in Bohemia, last member died in 1748). 
The biggest reconstruction took place at the end of the 17th century, when the fortress was rebuilded into a castle and other rebuilding were dated in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
The thick walls of the castle situated above the pond still remainds of its original shape. 
Nowadays there are townhall offices, the surrounding building are in a very bad condition.
Very impresive building is a baroque granary standing on the edge of the castle park.
The St. Nicolas church was originaly built in the gothic style but it was rebuilded in the 17th century. It burned in the 19th century and went through another reconstruction. But you can still find the original interior equipment - the painting on the main altar is a work of the principal of the Arts academy in Prague - Joseph Bergler. And there is also an original wooden statue of Madona.
Some prehistorical barrows were found in the area around Merklin.
A famous writter and journalist Jacob Arbes came to visit his father here. He fell in love here and that is why sometimes he used a pen-name Merklinsky.

Cesta po památkách
Plzeň  Plzen
Blovice  Blovice
Chudenice  Chudenice
Chyše  Chyse
Kasejovice  Kasejovice
Koloveč  Kolovec
Kožlany  Kozlany
Merklín  Merklin
Nečtiny  Nectiny
Nepomuk  Nepomuk
Pňovany  Pnovany
Přeštice  Prestice
Rabštejn n. Střelou  Rabstejn n. Strelou
Radnice  Radnice
Rokycany  Rokycany
Spálené Poříčí  Spalené Porici
Švihov  Svihov
Touškov  Touskov
Všeruby  Vseruby
Žlutice  Zlutice



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