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Kozlany     Kozlany
In the17th and 18th century in Kožlany there existed Jewish community, which then in the first half of the 19th century disappeared because of lack of Jewish families. The first Jewish settlers came here before 1672. After several years in 1700 there was probably established the jewish cemetery. Suzerain in Kožlany was not too tolerant at that time and stationed for it the scorned place about 2 km far from village. It is situated on the "Šibeniční vrch" (Gallows hill). near ex-scaffold. On the cemetery area which is lined by the origin wall, there are several tens of ancient gravestones. The cemetery was used by Jewish people from Kůzová after extinction of the Jewish community in Kožlany. They burried the dead till 1940.
The Kožlany village was mentioned for the first time in connection with property exchange in the reign of Wenceslav I.. in the 13rd century. He donated the village to monastery in Plasy. But then he though it over and changed the village back for the other one in 1239. His son Přemysl Otakar II. liked visiting this place too and he built a hunting castle and a court.Later this property was given to the aristocracy. Nowadays the village is called Kožlany after Ota Kožlanský, who established the town with agreement of the king Jan Lucemburský. The town, however, had to wait for its own rights till the year 1351 when Charles IV. Was the king. In teh reign of Vladislav Jagelonský the town got other rights. Later Kožlany belonged to the Tyrov castle which was situated at the Berounka river.
The ruins of Mr Kozlanský´s citadel are situated on the crag over the confluence of two brooks of "Studený" and "Hrádecký"- you can find there remainders of foundations, ditch and castle´s mound.(called Angerback)
Parochial church of St. Vavřinec was the first mentioned in 1384. In the 18th century it was rebuilt into the baroque style. In spite of that fact we can find there the traces from the antient times. In the presbytery there were found fragments of gothic paintings from the end of the14th century. Church interieur is probably from the 18th and 19th century and the baroque lateral altars were brought from the abolished dominican monastery in Pilzen. The strong tradition of potery is dated in Kožlany from the 18th century. In the house number 299 you can see the unique technological equipment - palleting furnace from the first half of the 18th century. In 1946 there was built a museum. It is near to church, in the same house where there was the school before. Besides other facts we would like to remind of two significant and famous persons, who came from this region. The first one was sculptor Václav Levý (1820-1870). He attended this school as a small child after his parents had moved to Kožlany. Then he studied joinery. There lived a vicar who looked after him and let him visit visit the monastery in Pilzen. Here he started to be fond of sculpture. Václav Levý, the author of many interesting statues, became a teacher of Josef Václav Myslbek. Myslbek is a founder of the czech modern sculpture.His marker was situated on the school building six years after his death.
The second president of Czechoslovakia, Edvard Beneš (1884-1948), was born here. He was a foreign secretary after the foundation of independent state in 1918. Then he was a prezident from 1935. He resigned to protest against Munich treaty and from the beginning of the war he ran the exil government in London. He resigned again after taking rule by communists in February 1948. He died shortly after it.

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