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Chudenice     Chudenice
It is a little marvelous village. It would be a shame to miss it on your tour through the region eventhough it is already in Klatovy region.
History of this town is connected with the nobel family of Cernins. They owned the town continuesly until the 20th century , which is probably a czech unique.
Some mentions say that Chudenice was established in the 12th century, another sources are younger from the 14th century whe the rectory church was founded. The village was privileged as a town at the end of the 16th century during the rule of the king Rudolph II.
The oldest building of Cernins family is the Old castle not very faraway from the square.
Nowadays you can find there a regional museum with a memorial of significant people.
Especially Jaroslav Kvapil (1868-1950) who was a poet, writter , he was also a principal of the Vinohrady´s theatre in Prague. He is know for his libretas to the Dvorak´s opera - Rusalka.
There is a memorial desk placed on his house.
Another important man was Josef Dobrovsky (1753-1829) who visited Chudenice castle.
He was a scientist and inventor of Slovac science. His work was reputable around the whole Europe. There is also his memorial in this town.
There is the St. John Babtisor´s church on the square, originally built in gothic style later rebuilded but some of the gothic fragments were kept. Very popular is a park situated on the edge of the town with the St. Wolfgang´s cemetery chapel. This place is also called the American garden, because some trees brought from the U.S.A. were planted here.
You can also visit an interesting hill with a viewtower called Bolfanek - from Wolfgang.
According to the old tale this bavorian missionar had stopped here. Not far from this place you can see another interesting building. It is the New castle build in Empire style in the half of the 19th century. Nowadays it is used as a hotel.

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