Jewish Route in the Pilsen Region
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Blovice     Blovice
he history of Jewish settlement reaches back to the 17th century and it was ended by holocaust. Last synagogue was built in 1904 and later rebuilded into offices. The Jewish cemetery is situated on the same edge of the village and it is difficult to find. It survived in a bad condition only a few interesting gravestones remained. There are some important people connected with the history of Blevice. Henri George Stephan Opper de Blowitz (1825 - 1903 in Paris) - a journalist known around Europe When he finished his studies in France (in 1848) he became a professor of German at the lyceum int Tours, Lemoges, Poitiers and Marseille. He married to A. Rethfort in 1859. He gave up teaching and became a journalist. He worked for Gazette du Midi. When he recieved the French citizen ship in 1870 he became a politician ( e.g.he was trusted to reduce the commune in Marseille). He was named as a manager for the Times in Paris in 1874. He managed to get information about German conspiracy against France. When he published this information his name raised up and doors were open everywhere for him. He wrote a lot of interviews mainly with politicians. His sence of humor became known in his short stories. Adolf Kraus (1850 - 1928 in Chicago), citizen of this town When he moved to America he learnt the importance of education. He devoted himself to studies and supported education. He became a president of the Educational and Voluntary Jewish groups Bnai Brith in the USA. This village was originally built on the land owned by Kladruby´s monastery. After gusists wars was owned by different owners, who changed a lot. The Stembergs family owned the villige in the 16th century and later on privilleged it as a town (in 1587). A big industrial development started in the 19th century when the railway was build here. You can find an empire townhall and St. John Evangelist´s church on a lovely looking square. The church was originally a gothic cathedral and it was rebuilded in the 18th century. Nearby you can see a crypt chapel of family Krakowsky from Kolovraty built in the 19th century. A castle was rebuilded from original fortress named Hradiste. It became a part of the town later on. Nowadays look is a result of a newgothical style reconstruction in the 19th century. An English park is a part of the castle and when it was build some part of the original fortress were found there. There will be an exposition open soon. There are some memorials remainig of the nationalist: Frantisek Jaroslav Vacek-Kamenicky (poet) a Vojtecha Mikulase Vejskraba-Belohorskeho ( poet, teacher, writter and composer).

Cesta po památkách
Plzeň  Plzen
Blovice  Blovice
Chudenice  Chudenice
Chyše  Chyse
Kasejovice  Kasejovice
Koloveč  Kolovec
Kožlany  Kozlany
Merklín  Merklin
Nečtiny  Nectiny
Nepomuk  Nepomuk
Pňovany  Pnovany
Přeštice  Prestice
Rabštejn n. Střelou  Rabstejn n. Strelou
Radnice  Radnice
Rokycany  Rokycany
Spálené Poříčí  Spalené Porici
Švihov  Svihov
Touškov  Touskov
Všeruby  Vseruby
Žlutice  Zlutice






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